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fuck all this “be a role model” bullshit placed on celebrities. it’s not their job to raise your nasty ass kids.

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me: haha ok
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i don’t think harry ever got the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ talk like i bet if you went up to him randomly and said “hey wanna go see a movie” he would just say yes and go with you and pay for your popcorn and candy and act like your best friend even though he has no idea who you are

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hearts so pure in this broken place.: Have you ever liked someone that you probably shouldn’t? I have. I...


Have you ever liked someone that you probably shouldn’t? I have. I mean I do. It’s almost as if I need him to survive, not in a weird way, but as if he is the only thing that can make me so happy inside, he can bring out my true smile. Talking to him can just brighten my whole mood. He just…

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i would do anything to be at the tourbus with them! 
omg this would be so great :D
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Hi I made a twitter, message me your usernames and I’ll follow you! :) xx

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Anonymous sent: what is Dark?

A Harry Styles fanfiction. :) 

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‘What’s the rudest thing you’ve seen on the Internet, Harry?’

I picture this as Bo. I’ve read Dark 4 times. AND THE FEELS. I don’t know what to do with my life…i just….don’t touch to me….i’m fragile.


nO but seriously. this is how I picture Bo